Arab Physical Society (ArPS) Workshop for Physics Teachers

5 – 7 February 2023

The deadline for registration and payment is 5 January 2023

About the Workshop

ArPS intends to hold regional workshops for Physics teachers to improve physics education in our schools and provide advanced training for our teachers.

The workshop aims to develop the efficiency of delivering the scientific material to students. Therefore currently, the enrolled person must be practicing physics teaching. The workshop theme is about teaching Physics and facing Challenges to Physics Education in 21st century skills and techniques.

Goals of the Workshop

It provides an excellent opportunity to bring together Arab Physics teachers and expose them to new teaching techniques while engaging in thoughtful discussions.

 It aims is to develop curricular materials (e.g., recitation activities, class worksheets, or simulation-based labs) for high school introductory physics.

This hands-on workshop will provide an overview of basic tracking data science concepts.

The workshop will emphasize the most appropriate means to link physics education with research goals.

The workshop activities will demonstrate the use of an interactive virtual laboratory to gain access to 3D physics simulations and to make learning enjoyable.

Main Topics

Main Topics:
1. Discuss the latest developments in the physics and related sciences.
2. Pedagogical development in physics.
3. Design new physics curriculum material: The physics curriculum in the 21st century.
4. Physics education research for 21st century learning.
5. The role of mathematics and computation in teaching physics.
6. Use Brain-Based Learning in physics education.
7. Teaching physics in the digital literacy era.
8. Guided discovery approach in teaching physics.
9. Teaching physics and global communication.
10. Preparing physics teachers for today.
11. Teaching physics in smart schools.
12. Google tools and web literacy in physics education.
13. Learning by developing educational methods and skills for conducting experiments in high school general Physics labs.
14. Virtual physics labs and simulation.
15. The future of teaching physics.
16. Preparing future physics teachers.

The targeted audiences of our suggested workshop

  1. Physics background: having BS in physics/education (faculty of science vs faculty of education), having BS in Engineering, having master’s degree in physics or Engineering?
  2. Work: Teaching Physics in high schools, universities, or scientific institutes.
  3. Language: Knowing English is crucial if many of the invited speakers are foreigners.

    Work experience: Number of years, in public/private school, in Arabic/English or other language school.
  4. Leadership experience: Leadership experience might be important in case the teacher is expected to promote what was learned in this workshop in her/his local community of teachers which should be the case the workshop is intended to the workshop to have a larger impact in the society.
  5. Work environment: small classes/large classes, presence of facilities/no facilities? One cannot expect applying what one learned in a workshop in a classroom with 60 students!
  6. Ability to explain certain concepts in physics: May be by requesting a 3-min video recording of the teacher explaining certain concepts of his/her choice.

The registration fee is $500 includes:

– the fee for the workshop
– Accommodation
– Internal transportations
– All meals 
– Break coffee
– Certificate of attendance
-Free membership at Arab Physical Society in 2023

There might be a chance for some financial support. An applicant who is interested in getting support can send a request and based on fund availability some cases can be offered financial support.