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Preseident: Professor Shaaban Khalil

Professor Shaaban Khalil is one of the prominent High Energy Physicists in the Middle East. He is well known for his outstanding contributions to understanding of possible new physics beyond the standard model of particle physics.
He is the founding director of the Center for Fundamental Physics at Zewail City of Science and Technology in Egypt, since 2012. He is also the co-author of two books on Particle Physics, published in CRC Press in the UK. His work enabled him to obtain the D.Sc. degree in 2006.
His research has been widely recognized, and he has received innumerable national and international awards. He is visiting professor at the University of Southampton, since 2011.
Prof. Khalil is the founding team leader of the Egyptian particle physics group at the CMS experiment at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.
In addition, Prof. Khalil is the co-founder of African Strategy for Fundamental and Applied Physics, and the chair of the African Synchrotron Initiative Committee.