If you are committed to Physics, or looking to develop your career, or to promote Research and Education of Physics in Arab countries; you invite you to join ArPS and benefit of large networks and activities. ArPS membership is open to any person working or interested in physics, related science, and engineering.  ArPS membership offers you several benefits as:

       • Exclusive discounts in participation fees to ArPS activities
       • Networking opportunities
       • Career development programmes
       • Others

ArPS offer five membership categories:

1. Honorary Members:

The honorary members are distinguished Arab physicists living inside or outside the Arab world. They are elected by the GC members in recognition of their outstanding contribution in Physics research and education and in appreciation of their distinguished scientific achievements. They will contribute to the Society activities. The honorary membership is a lifetime appointment with the following benefits:
        ◦ Free ArPS membership for life
        ◦ Free participation to ArPS events
        ◦ Special invitations to ArPS activities
        ◦ Voting in all ArPS committee meetings

2. Regular membership:

This is an individual membership open to permanent researchers, postdocs, Ph.D students, Master and undergraduate students in Physics, related science, and engineering living in Arab countries or in diaspora. Regular members have the right to vote in the ArPS General meetings to elect the General Council and the Advisory members. After registering, you will receive, by email, the acceptance of your membership and then your ArPS membership certificate as you accomplish the payment of the registration fees.

3. Student and Early Career membership

This membership category is open to Ph.D students, Master and undergraduate students in Physics, related science, and engineering living in Arab countries or in diaspora. Membership is free for the two first year for undergraduate, Master and Ph.D students. Early Career members, who must have obtained their Ph.D within the previous three years, can benefit from reduced/waived registration fees depending on their professional stuatus.

4. Associate Members:

Associate members are senior physicists with distinguished research profile and no conditions on their citizenship.

5. Organizations/foundations Membership

ArPS invite organizations, foundations and industrials to register and contribute to the Physics development in the Arab world.

Registration fees 

Membership Category

Fees (€)






No fees


No fees the 1st year. 25€ starting from the 2nd year.

Organizations / Foundations / Learning Societies


These fees are set by the Governing Council in accordance with the internal bylaws.