Arab Physical Society (APS) Launching Online Event April 7th 2022

Prof. Roger Penrose, Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 on Black Holes

Oxford University, UK

Prof. Takaaki Kajita, Nobel Laureate 2015 Laureate for discovery of neutrino oscillations 

Tokyo College, Japan 

Prof. Gerard ‘t Hooft
1999 Nobel Prize in Physics

Dutch theoretical physicist and professor at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. 

Prof. Edward Witten
Fields Medal , American mathematical and theoretical physicist

String Theory, Institute for Advanced Study, USA 

Prof. John Ellis, Dirac Award 2005

on Particle Physics, King’s College in London, UK

Prof. Claudia Felser
2019 James C. Mc Groddy Prize for New Materials. 
Max Planck Institute, Germany

Prof. Charles Kane, Dirac Prize, 2012

Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2019. University of Pennsylvania 

Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero

Wolf Prize in Physics (2020), Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA