About Us

The Arab Physical Society (ArPS) was registered on June 7th, 2021, with ID: W381025853.
ArPS is a non-profit membership organization that aims to spread and promote physics knowledge in the Arab world through improving scientific education, research and human capacity building.

The APS consists of a group of professional Arab researchers in the field of Physics and its applications, who aim to promote physics knowledge and research in the Arab World. The APS has no limited duration, and has the following Missions and Objectives:

Promote excellence and creativity in the field of physics for the benefit of the Arab region and humanity, it Encourage scientific and research collaboration among researchers and students in the Arab region. Organize scientific and educational activities. Joins the physical societies and relevant international scientific institutions to reduce the knowledge gap in physics between the Arab world and developed countries. Spread physics education and knowledge through conferences, seminars, workshops, summer and winter schools in the fields of physics; in addition to delivering specialized and public lectures. Establishe a peer-review journal in fundamental physics and applications. Promote interactions among individuals, institutions and organizations with an interest in physics, especially among members of the APS. Address the ethics in science topic
Promote joint scientific research among Arab physicists. Transmit, to society and institutions alike, the importance of physics in enhancing citizens’ knowledge, and the country’s economy and social progress. Promote research, teaching and outreach in physics. Be an Arabic reference in the topics related to the physical sciences and technologies. Be the institutional advisory body for all matters concerning physics in the Arab region to the corresponding authorities. Contribute to scientific and technological education in society through the promotion of activities designed to strengthen the dissemination and outreach of physics, including the National and International Physics Olympiads. Evaluate and work closely with different scientific disciplines, especially with the disciplines discussing issues related to physics. Support postgraduate studies of the students in the Arab world, and to provide them with joint supervision among Arab physicists. Highlight the importance of theoretical and experimental physics and its impact on the state economy and social progress. Promote cooperation in the field of physics education and raise awareness of its latest research by organizing an annual conference on physics, joint seminars and lectures. Participate in forming scientific committees in the field of physics at the Arab world level, and to join the international scientific institutions and committees as scientific representatives. Award prizes and recognitions to distinguished physicists